Writer Survey Results

Thanks for all of the hard work! Interesting that Facebook rated so well, twitter didn’t, but Facebook Spam was a negative too.

Linda Bloodworth

A little while back I asked a bunch of questions and I finally compiled everything. I really enjoyed learning more about what people want and how they want to be catered to. Rather insightful and interesting.


Just so you know who was asked? 

– 50 people
– A mixture of authors/bloggers/readers. 

I am not a professional researcher. I wish this was my day job. I did this out of the goodness of my heart to help people.


Chart How can a writer get your attention?

What old ways of marketing do you think have been pushed aside that could be revisited?

Do you really read author interviews?

How often do read reviews of books you're thinking of buying?

How to get to readers who are not online?

Must use social media

Overused Marketing Methods

Readers, what online sites do you go to for book info?

Readers, where do you buy most of your books from?

What marketing turns you off?

Do you pay attention to good reviews or to the negative reviews when book buying?

How affective are online book groups?

What is the most effective way of marketing that has worked for you?

How can an author stand out?

As a reader do you follow book tours?

Do you prefer to follow writers that have more than one book out?

What is your experience with book trailers?

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2 thoughts on “Writer Survey Results

  1. Interesting how Facebook was the top ‘Must use social media’ and ‘What marketing turns you off’. Maybe it was the word spam? But if Facebook is the one that works the most then how can you not spam?

    Very informative post!

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  2. Yes, I faced the same issue. The ‘joy’ of surveys is the frustration when the survey raises additional questions.
    I suppose they’re pointing out the difference between organic growth (being shared by friends and friends of friends) and advertising. Sort of puts me in a dilemma as I’m about to give away some copies of my book as a reward for sharing the post. I was thinking of using some advertising as well. Maybe I’ll run two competitions? See what the feedback is from both?


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