Facebook and Websites

It’s pretty much a given that you have to have a Facebook presence with most books, and a website as well.
You can set it up yourself, it’s not hard or that complex, but if you’ve got some spare money, then get someone else to do it for you. Even as an expert, do you really want to spend the time & effort?
I paid someone to set up the webpage, Facebook page and
link the two so whatever happens in Facebook gets shown on the webpage. This is a specialised task that spending some money allowed me to offload to someone else.
I did this for three reasons:
1. A more professional look
2. It freed me up to do what (I hope) I’m good at – writing
3. Reduced overheads. Everything you set up requires maintenance, I don’t have time or desire to spend any time I have off doing maintenance
This site (the Author’s Blog) I did differently. It’s hosted on WordPress using a custom domain name.
Why? Because I could . Seriously, because it’s again, mainly a feed into Facebook and I don’t want to do all of the fancy stuff here, there’s no reason for it. There is no reason for me to spend money and time when for less than $20 a year WordPress will do it for me.